ROCS Tech Triple Clamp Set - Rieju/GasGas

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Revolutionary Opposed Clamping System clamps the upper fork tubes from opposite directions, which holds the tube more securely without additional torque on the pinch bolts. This reduces inner tube distortion and allows the fork to flex more consistently.

  • Proper triple clamp flex results in improved front wheel traction
  • ROCS- design, perfect roundness in the clamping area, even under load
  • Better response behavior of the fork
  • By opposing screws safe clamping of the fork
  • Standard offset with pressed shaft tube and original steering head bearings
  • Perfectly tuned flexibility of the steering axle
  • CNC manufactured from highest quality aluminum
  • Perfect adapted flexibility to the fork
  • Clean RED anodized surface
  • Light weight



2012-2019 GasGas EC/XC 200-300

2021-2022 Rieju MR 200-300 Racing/Ranger

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