Composite Folding Levers - Sherco

Lever: Brake (Brembo)
Sale price$84.99


ARC's composite levers flex where aluminum bends. The ARC levers are lighter and tricker without sacrificing function - plain and simple. Aircraft and race cars have used composite materials for years and now ARC has incorporated this technology into their levers.

  • The ARC composite levers have the same functioning features as the ARC aluminum levers.
  • The difference between the aluminum model and the composite is that the composite will never break.
  • Strong enough to do the job yet can be bent and straightened over 20 times without any diminished appearance or strength.
  • Adjustable for hand size and move to prevent damage in a crash.
  • The "knee" is made from billet aluminum.
  • Lifetime warranty.


Fits: 2016-2023 Sherco SC/SCF/SE/SEF 125-500

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