Multi-Stage Air Filter - GasGas

Sale price$36.99


  • Two layers of foam that will trap small and large particles like dust and dirt helping prevent anything reaching to the cylinder
  • Manufactured of high performance foam and biodegradable
  • Seamless design that allows for a maximum amount of air flow to your machine
  • Easy to clean with the Uni Air Filter Cleaning Kit and will help cut the grease and oils down so you are able to reuse indefinitely
  • Traps dirt and dust in two layers of foam, the large pore pre-filter captures the bigger particles
  • Small pore inner filter prevents any engine wrecking grit from reaching the cylinder.


2007-2017 GasGas EC/XC 125-300 (2t)

2007-2017 GasGas EC/FSR 450/515 (4t)

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